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PHMSA Compliance Services Overview

MedTrac is your single source for a Pipeline & Hazardous Material Administration (PHMSA) Drug and Alcohol Compliance Program.

Our Service is a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program that is tailored to your company's organizational needs while still remaining cost effective and compliant with corporate policies, state laws and federal guidlines and regulations.

MedTrac administers PHMSA compliance programs for single location company to multi-state enterprises comprised of hundreds of safety-sensitive employees. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, knowledge and platinum customer service.

We just don't deliver compliance services, we deliver customized solutions.

We just don't become another vendor, we are your compliance partner.

We just don't sell you a service, we provide you a fully guaranteed service.

Let us identify and tailor a customized solution. One which is right for you and your organization.