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Employee Wellness Is Our TOP Priority........

......Is It Yours?

Since 1988 MedTrac has worked with hundreds of companies to assist them with their corporate medical programs. We have handled Employment Physicals, Onsite Medical Testing, DOT Compliance, Medical monitoring Programs, Substance Abuse Programs and Corporate wellness Programs for them.

The MedTrac Corporate Wellness Program provides onsite medical services ranging from blood pressure checks and flu shots to cholesterol screening and body fat analysis.

Want to have a health fair? MedTrac can arrange health fairs at your site nationwide. we can also send a wellness newsletter to all your employees on an interval that you predetermine.

Need to standardize your medical hiring protocols? MedTrac can assist you with setting up these protocols and can then administer them nationwide. Some of the Wellness Services we provide are:

Let us identify which wellness program is right for you or you can customize one for your needs.

Remember, your business needs to be on track!
So partner with MedTrac!