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After Hours On Call 24/7/365 Testing Service

When immediate alcohol and controlled substance testing is required due to post-accident or reasonable suspicion requirements, MedTrac will provide our clients with a phone number to contact an after-hours collector 24/7/365 to assure that the testing will take place following DOT regulations and/or guidelines. MedTrac will inform the supervisor which collection facility the employee is to be escorted to or will coordinate a location onsite where one of MedTrac’s trained staff members will report to perform the required testing.

After Hours 24/7/365

Many employers who operate round the clock require round the clock testing. Let us handle that for you. We are different than most of our competitors because we

  • Guarantee our Services
  • Have Certified Technicians
  • Are Professional and Discrete
  • Very Knowlegeable with Testing Requirements

We Can Come To Your Workplace

If a MedTrac staff member is performing the testing onsite, the testing procedure will be the same as all onsite testing. Once onsite, a private room close to a bathroom to conduct testing is preferred. All Drug Test collections and Breath Alcohol Tests are done in accordance with DOT regulations. DOT regulations state that the alcohol test, if required, is to be performed first. MedTrac utilizes the Alco-Sensor IV / RBT IV instrument for all DOT and NonDOT alcohol tests. This device is NHTSA approved and is on the Conforming Products List for Evidential Breath Measurement Devices. The Alco-Sensor IV / RBT IV is a portable device, so it is perfect for onsite collections. It is a DOT-approved device for both screening and confirmation testing, and it is designed to automatically count down the 15-minute wait between a screening test and a confirmation test. It also does an automatic calibration following all confirmation tests to ensure that the device is working properly. After the alcohol test is completed, the collector will begin the drug test collection. The bathroom will be secure to prevent any tampering by the donor, and the drug test collection will be completed following DOT regulations and industry best practices.