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Policy Review Service

MedTrac will review your current drug testing policy to make sure it contains all the necessary DOT requirements as well as your policies on NonDOT testing.

Provide a Sample Policy Template

MedTrac will provide a sample policy template based on the agency testing requirements. The template will be a starting point to formulate your company's drug and alcohol testing policy. Once the policy is completed but prior to implementation MedTrac encourages it to be reviewed with your HR attorney for adoption into your corporate culture. MedTrac will help present the new policy to management, employees / union (if required) prior to implementation. Thus providing a smooth policy implementation and adoption.

Sample of the Key Elements Addressed in Policy Formation

  • Who is covered in the policy.
  • Substances tested for.
  • When will Policy be implemented.
  • Action on a non negative result.
  • Action on negative dilute specimens.
  • Marijuana and the workplace.
  • Alcohol in the Workplace.

Ongoing Review Services

MedTrac will periodically review your policy to adopt to the changes in Federal and State Regulations, society, and workplace culture. Changes would be recommended and assistance with implementation offered.