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Compliance and Auditing Services

MedTrac's auditing services will be thorough, precise, and customized based on what is being audited and where the audit leads. Our team approach will provide three key benefits; fixed cost, redundancy, and, most importantly, accuracy. In addition, our team has experience with federal drug and alcohol testing regulations, including 49 CFR Part 40 (DOT), 49 CFR Part 382 (FMCSA), and 49 CFR Part 655 (FTA). We incorporate technology to provide the actual-time status of who we are auditing, what we are auditing, and the outcome and reporting of our audit. In addition, by combining our technology, the management of projects are segmented into manageable micro tasks within the entire project, providing a high level of transparency.

Key Elements

Our Compliance and Auditing Services are very customizable. In order to fully understand your needs please contact one of our Auditing Team Specialists who can customize a quote for you. However, these are some of the key areas which should be audited for serene compliance.

  • MIS reports
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
  • Service Agents Review
  • Non Negative subsequent testing
  • Training Records

Audit Findings

MedTrac reviews the audit findings and conveys the results to company management. Deficiencies are discussed and corrective measures are implemented to avoid future non-compliance issues.