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Physical Exam Services

MedTrac will establish company wide, job specific standard physical exam protocols. We then coordinate your exams nationwide. With just one call our team will professionally schedule, coordinate and resolve any issues for your employees. Our physical exams can be tailored to your company’s organizational needs while still remaining compliant with corporate policies, state and federal laws and regulations. Naturally complying with confidentiality, professional standards and H.I.P.A.A.

Job Specific Physical Exams Nationwide

Our physical exam services include:

  • Policy & Exam Protocol Development
  • Nationwide Medical Facilities
  • On-site / Mobile Exam Services
  • Exam Results Review
  • Follow-up Assessments and Coordination
  • Laboratory Testing Coordination Services
  • Review Services - HIPAA Compliant
  • Executive Physicals Coordination
  • National Registry for DOT Exams
  • Physical Expiration Date Monitoring

Partner with MedTrac

MedTrac administers physical exam requirements under the Department of Transportation requirements for PHMSA (pipeline), FMCSA (motor carrier / CDL holders / PSL), USCG (coast guard), FAA (aviation), FRA (railroad), and FTA (transit). We also provide certification and re-certification exams which meet federal regulatory requirements. Our network of physicians have an in-depth understanding of the job specific and/or regulatory requirements involved with corporate medical services. Let us identify and tailor a customized solution. One which is right for you and your organization.